Diamond Valley Pork has two offal rooms. Red offal’s like heart, kidneys, jowl, tongues, tongue roots, ears, liver and trotters are collected in the first room. All products are trimmed, washed, chilled and packed into cartons according to customer specifications. Some of these offal’s will leave DVP fresh, while most are frozen before being shipped.

The second room collects the 'white' offal’s. Maw, chitterling, sweet runners, green runners and caul fat are collected and packed in this room.

Cheek meat and diaphragm products are also collected and sold from within the Diamond Valley Pork facility.

Offal products are sold to export and domestic markets.

Caul Fat
Derived from bacon pigs.
Cheek Meat
Derived from baconers mandible.
Lower intestinal tract, between large intestine and anus.
Partial thin skirt, full thick skirt and diaphragm attached to each other
According to customer specification with or without ear base.
Heart is cut off from the pluck in a square cut
Hog Runners
Long intestine derived from bacon pigs
Halfway down the lower jaw of the head and normally not retaining the cheek meat.
Kidney’s retrieved out of bacon pigs
Liver from bacon pigs, gal bladder removed, skin retained.
Derived from bacon pigs, opened using a minimum cut.
Sweet Runner
Handpicked and selected cauliflower looking part of the intestine
Tongue Root
Off cuts from Swiss tongues
Tongues from bacon pigs, cut square from pluck.
Trotter (Fore)
Removed from a bone in shoulder by a saw or knife cut at the carpal joint.