About Us

Diamond Valley Pork Pty Ltd (DVP) is a quality pork processor and wholesaler. DVP supplies products and services to both export and domestic markets. It has a fully integrated system which includes an abattoir, boning room, value adding operations and offal sales.

DVP is located in the western suburbs of Melbourne with easy access to freeways, airports and shipping terminals. Its core business includes the slaughter and boning of sows and bacon pigs for many of Australia's leading pork processors and producers and specialises in the production of sow meat for further processing in the smallgoods industry.

DVP has a modern abattoir with capacity to process in excess of 2,500 pigs per day, including heavy sows. The boning facility, which also boasts a value adding room, is versatile and has the capacity to bulk, box and vacuum pack. Products are produced to customer specifications. 

The company is committed to the production of high quality and safe pork products which is achieved by means of an approved SQF2000, HACCP Based Quality Arrangement with AQIS (Australian and Quarantine Inspection Service) and Primesafe.